4 Best Large Hot Tubs In Kalispell, Montana - Dive Into Pure Serenity

4 Best Large Hot Tubs In Kalispell, Montana - Dive Into Pure Serenity

Imagine having your very own oasis of relaxation in the heart of your backyard–a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, unwind, and rejuvenate.

That dream can become a reality with the exquisite line of large hot tubs from Sundance®️ Spas at Big John’s.

Adding a hot tub to your backyard can provide a range of benefits, both to your health and your lifestyle.

If you’ve been considering taking the leap and investing in a new spa that’ll fit the whole family, this article is for you!

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of pure serenity these hot tubs offer.

From exploring their extraordinary features to helping you find the perfect fit for your home, we've got you covered.

Amazing Features of Sundance®️ Spas

When it comes to choosing a hot tub, quality, innovation, and pure relaxation are paramount.

Sundance®️ Spas excels in all these aspects and more, continuously improving their spas with top-of-the-line innovations exclusive to their brand.

Curious about what makes these spas stand out from the crowd?

Let's take a closer look at some of the remarkable features that have been leaving people raving for decades!

Air-Only Aromatherapy Jets

Picture this: you're submerged in warm, soothing water, and the gentle scent of lavender fills the air around you.

In the 880™️ Series and 980™️ Series, you can enjoy just that with the air-only aromatherapy jets, all while the gentle bubbles ease weary calf muscles.

These jets infuse the water with your choice of soothing scents, sending bursts of aromatics into the air as the bubbles break the surface, creating a truly immersive spa experience.

So, whether you prefer the calming aroma of eucalyptus or the rejuvenating scent of citrus, you can customize your soak to match your mood.

CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™️ System

Worried about maintaining clean and clear water in your hot tub? Sundance®️ Spas has you covered with their CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™️ System that comes standard on all their spas.

This innovative technology uses a combination of ozone and UV-C light to sanitize and purify the water, ensuring it's safe and inviting for you and your loved ones.

With the CLEARRAY®️ system, you can relax and enjoy your hot tub without the worry of long maintenance times!

The SmartTub®️ System

If you’re someone who enjoys having maximum control, the SmartTub®️ System was made with you in mind.

Not only does this system allow you to adjust the water temperature, set maintenance reminders, and schedule filtration cycles, but it can also provide detailed feedback about your spa’s performance!

This ensures you can easily maximize the efficiency of your hot tub, keeping energy costs low without impacting your soaking experience.

And it’s all done from the convenience of your smartphone! It's like having a personal spa concierge in your pocket.

Quick Release Door

Easily accessing your system is a must.

Whether it’s to inspect your system or during your quarterly water change, you don’t want to be fighting with your panel–especially in the winter!

Sundance®️ Spas has simplified this process with the quick-release door feature. This feature ensures you can easily open your panel and access your system with a simple push of a button!

Accessing the internal components of your hot tub will never be easier, ensuring that any necessary maintenance is a straightforward task.

family enjoying their large hot tubs

4 Best Large Hot Tubs From Sundance®️ Spas

Now, let's explore the four best large hot tubs that Sundance®️ Spas has to offer.

Large hot tubs are perfect for anyone looking to maximize the space in their spa, whether it’s to fit your large family or share with your closest loved ones during your next event.

If you’re in the market for a large hot tub, each of these models is designed to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience, and is sure to leave you raving!

The Kingston™️ Model

The Kingston™️ hot tub is perfect for those who love to entertain. With spacious seating for up to six people, it's ideal for gatherings with friends and family.

But it's not just about the company; the Kingston™️ model features 57 powerful jets that ensure every person in the hot tub enjoys a soothing and invigorating massage.

What’s more, this model boasts a number of therapeutic seats, with specific jet configurations to expertly target aching muscles with the precise pressure they require for maximum relaxation.

Paired with air-only aromatherapy jets, a soothing waterfall, and LED lighting, this model will tantalize your every sense, for a fully immersive hydrotherapy experience.

Whether it's a weekend get-together or a quiet evening under the stars, the Kingston™️ delivers.

The Maxxus™️ Model

For those seeking the pinnacle of hydrotherapy, the Maxxus™️ hot tub is the answer. Accommodating up to six individuals, this spacious model boasts an impressive 65 jets.

These jets are strategically positioned to target various muscle groups, providing relief to tired muscles and joints.

Tucked along one side, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the full-length lounger, perfectly sculpted to hug your body while various jets ease weary muscles from head to toe.

If you're looking to soothe away the stresses of the day and emerge feeling refreshed, the Maxxus™️ has you covered.

The Optima®️ Model

The Optima®️ hot tub offers versatility like no other. With its open seating and jetted footwell, this spa keeps the conversation going while every person is treated to a soothing foot massage.

This spa is perfect for those wanting the best of both worlds: quiet relaxation and stimulating conversation.

Boasting enough seating for seven, this model makes it possible to share with your favorite people. The unique curved bench, however, makes it possible to embrace intimacy with your loved one as you each enjoy a soothing massage hand-in-hand.

With 47 jets, you'll enjoy a rejuvenating soak every time you step in. Whether you prefer a full-body massage or a more targeted experience, the Optima®️ has the features to cater to your needs.

The Aspen®️ Model

If you dream of a spacious oasis where you can escape and unwind, the Aspen®️ hot tub is the ultimate choice.

With room for up to eight people, this large hot tub is perfect for gatherings or solo relaxation.

What truly sets the Aspen®️ apart is its 66 powerful jets creating a symphony of relaxation from every seat.

Are you worried you won’t be able to get a full-body massage experience without a lounger? Think again!

This model boasts three seats outfitted with jets targeting your calves, while the Accu-Ssage™️ Seat has jets strategically positioned to target aching wrists and expertly ease lower back pain.

No matter where you sit, you're treated to a luxurious and soothing experience.

How to Find Your Perfect Fit

Not sure which one is the best model for you? While each of the spas above may have caught your attention and quickly had you dreaming of your first soak, they all offer a unique experience.

Choosing the right hot tub for your needs is essential, and with the right considerations, this can be an easier process than you might think!

Here are some factors to consider when finding your perfect fit.

Consider The Features

Before making your decision, think about the features that matter most to you. Are you primarily seeking a hot tub for relaxation, hydrotherapy, or a combination of both?

Sundance®️ Spas offers a range of models designed to suit your preferences, and the features included in your model can transform your experience in the water.

Look at things like:

  • Waterfalls
  • LED lighting
  • Sound systems
  • Aromatherapy jets
  • Special therapy seats
  • Jetted footwells

Each one of these features will affect how you can enjoy your spa.

To get a better idea of all the features possible, explore the many hot tubs on our showroom floor. Then make a list of some of the top features that caught your attention!

Lounge Seating vs Open Seating

The type of seating in your hot tub will influence two things:

1. How many people you can comfortably fit in your spa

2. The variety of massage options available to you

To decide whether you would prefer lounge seating or open seating, consider how you want to enjoy your spa.

Lounge seats are perfect for stretching out and enjoying a full-body massage, while open seating allows for more flexibility and socializing, all while creating an open space perfect for splashing kids!

Plan Your Space

Before settling on which hot tub to invest in, it's essential to plan your outdoor space carefully, ensuring you know precisely how much space you have to work with.

Above all, you’ll want to measure your backyard and decide how large of a hot tub your space could accommodate without feeling cramped.

Then, consider things like:

  • Natural privacy
  • Nearby water source
  • Electrical source
  • Accessibility

Taking these steps in advance will help ensure you choose the right hot tub for your space while allowing you to envision your dreamy new oasis!

Set Your Budget

Hot tubs come in a range of prices, so it's crucial to set a budget that aligns with your financial goals.

When looking at the cost of the hot tubs on your list, keep in mind that they’re an investment, and can potentially provide 20 years of relaxation (when properly cared for).

If you’re worried about a large upfront payment, consider financing options. As with any larger investment, hot tubs can easily be financed, breaking down your payment into a manageable monthly fee.

large hot tubs - sundance spa in backyard during fall

What Do You Need to Do Before Your Hot Tub Arrives?

While searching for your dream spa is an exciting time, there’s one thing many people may not consider; the steps needed to prepare their backyard!

Unfortunately, installing a hot tub isn’t as easy as simply having it delivered and dropping it into the nearest corner of your yard.

There are some crucial elements you’ll need to consider first to ensure you’re ready for your spa’s arrival, and their costs should be included in your budget calculations.

Here are three important steps you’ll need to be prepared to take when investing in a spa.

Pick A Location

While this was mentioned above, it’s worth repeating.

Where you install your hot tub will influence your experience with it, whether it’s how easily you can access it in the winter, or the work it takes to access your system.

Select a location that’s close to a water source, provides a great view, offers the level of privacy you want, and is easily accessible. This is especially important when it comes to having an electrical contractor install your new electrical hookup!

Choose Your Installation Type

There are three main types of hot tub installations to choose from, and each one will come with its own costs to consider. These installation styles are as follows:

  • Above-ground
  • Recessed (in-ground)
  • Split-level

Above-ground hot tubs are installed directly on the ground, atop your foundation (see below), and are typically easier to install and move if needed. This is also one of the most affordable installation styles.

Recessed or in-ground hot tubs offer a seamless look and can be integrated into your landscaping. However, they are the most expensive option and more permanent.

Split-level installations are the perfect way to obtain the visual appeal of an in-ground installation without the extra work and costs.

This style simply uses your pre-existing raised deck to create the illusion of an in-ground install, placing your spa on the ground next to it to create a seamless transition from your deck to your spa’s edge.

Your choice should align with your preferences and the layout of your outdoor space.

Add Your Foundation

A solid foundation is critical for the stability and longevity of your hot tub.

You’ll want to ensure your foundation is capable of withstanding the weight of your filled spa and is perfectly level to keep the weight evenly distributed.

Some of the most common foundations include:

  • A concrete pad
  • An existing patio or deck
  • Paver stones
  • Crushed gravel
  • A spa pad

Consult with a professional to ensure the foundation is well-prepared.

Large Hot Tubs For Sale In Kalispell

Now that you've learned about the incredible features of Sundance®️ Spas hot tubs and how to choose the perfect one for your home, it's time to take the next step–visiting Big John’s to explore your options in person!

Discover the best large hot tubs for sale in Kalispell and embark on a journey to pure serenity in your own backyard.

Visit us today, or contact our team to learn more!