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Log Splitters and Chippers for Sale in Kalispell

Landscape maintenance has never been so simple. With help from our high-grade products, like log splitters and chippers, taking care of your property can be a breeze. We have a wide variety of log splitters and chippers for sale in Kalispell. We carry some of the best brands available to the market, including Oregon® Log Splitters, DR® Power Equipment, and Bear Cat® products. Our log splitters can accommodate loads of anywhere from 5 to 34 tonnes!

Our log splitters allow you to cut firewood from softwood and hardwood with ease. Our Oregon® Log Splitters offer a powerful and unbeatable performance. The Oregon® kinetic log splitter has been tested and proven to offer a 2-second cycle time that is up to six times faster than a hydraulic log splitter. Get started today, browse our log splitters and chippers for sale.


DR Power in Kalispell
Echo Bearcat in Kalispell
Oregon Log Splitters


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