Buying Your First Hot Tub - Complete Guide [2024]

The Kingston hot tub from Sundance Spas

Owners of outdoor hot tubs will tell you, they are far more than just an exotic upgrade from your typical backyard pool. It is an investment. And like all investments, it needs a lot of thinking and planning before you commit to it.

But once you’ve made that decision, you’ll realize how much of a difference having a hot tub in your backyard can really make.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Having a clear budget in mind will narrow down your options to a manageable level and make the process of selecting the right fit for your lifestyle easier.

Most hot tubs’ prices start out from $10,000, and vary greatly depending on size, shape, amenities, and features. Be sure to browse through options online beforehand to determine the price range of the hot tub model you’re looking for.

Only Select Your Hot Tub from an Established Hot Tub Retailer

Only make your purchase from a trusted, local dealership. This will make sure that for any unexpected issues you face with the hot tub in the future, you can get it fixed briskly and conveniently.

Reputable dealerships also provide original, quality products that you can trust. It is always wiser to pick them over a lesser-known hot tub store with poorly constructed, unreliable knockoffs.

Decide the Hot Tub’s Location Beforehand

Have the location of your hot tub set clearly before you begin to narrow down your options. You can opt for an indoor or an outdoor variety.

If you end up picking an outdoor hot tub, you’ll also need to make sure that there is an adequate power supply for it nearby. Another important consideration is whether the overall design and aesthetic will fit in well with your house’s exterior decor.

Pick Out the Perfect Size

Your hot tub’s size will have a considerable impact on its price, but you shouldn’t let that be a turn-off while buying a larger tub - especially if you have a bustling family or large social network.

Hot tubs are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our varieties include 2-3, 4-5, 5-6 and 6+ seater hot tubs, so there really is something for everyone. You just have to find the perfect one for your household by considering your needs and numbers.

Select the Material Carefully

The material of your hot tub plays a huge role in determining its final price and how long it will last. Most hot tubs come in wooden and fiberglass varieties. While the wood options are more affordable, the fiberglass variety indeed is the most durable one.

If you are torn between which variety to pick, take into account how often you will be using the hot tub and what kind of usage it’ll be subjected to (kids can often get quite rough!) Pick the material that fits your needs and budget the best.

The Aesthetics Matter, Too

Make sure that the hot tub’s design ties in with the surroundings and doesn’t look like a sore thumb, whether it is fitted inside or outdoors.

This factor becomes especially more significant if it is an outdoor hot tub that you are purchasing, since it will be visible to the rest of the world in all its glory.

Don’t Forget About the Additional Features!

When budgeting, it’s easy to forget to take into account all the hot tub accessories you’ll want to have.

While most of these are purely optional, you may consider equipping your tub with a variety of features: such as extra jets, mood lighting, bubbling fountains, and other great accessories. These will obviously hike up the price, but these add-ons will make your hot tub experience more luxurious.

However, when picking a hot tub, don’t let the sheer variety of additional features trick you into getting more than you need. The perfect hot tub is one which has exactly the features that you feel you will most benefit from. A hot tub with a glut of unnecessary added amenities will drive up energy consumption and shorten your tub’s lifespan.

Things to Avoid While Purchasing a Hot Tub

  • Don’t purchase the hot tub from a traveling home show or settle for an unknown or generic brand. It will be extremely difficult to get it repaired if anything goes wrong, and using its warranty policy may end up a huge hassle.
  • Don’t buy a hot tub without doing the necessary prior research on the brand.
  • Don’t purchase something outside your budget. Communicate your intended budget to your dealership beforehand, and make sure they work with you with it in mind.

Go with a Reputable Brand in Kalispell, Montana

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