4 Simple Steps to Creating a Private Backyard Spa Installation

Private backyard hot tub install with woman relaxing inside her spa.

Few things are as tranquil as relaxing in an outdoor hot tub. The sounds of nature can help to set you at ease, while the warm water and jets work their magic to help your body relax.

While your backyard living space may provide you with an outdoor oasis that is truly your own, some homeowners wish to go the extra mile and make it as private as possible.

Soak in peace and privacy with these helpful and simple steps to creating a more private hot tub installation.

1. Tall Fences

While most backyards have fencing to separate from nearby neighbors, some do fall short due to the materials, design or overall build. For instance, a chain-link fence may help to keep your dog in the yard, but won’t offer your space a visual buffer from neighbors.

If you wish to create a more private backyard space with an existing hot tub installation or simply are preparing for your new hot tub to be delivered, you may want to consider updating your fencing.

Here are a few fence installation ideas you might want to consider:

  • Pallet or Slat Wood
  • Rattan or Bamboo
  • Wood Panels
  • Brick Wall
  • Solid Tiled Wall

If your backyard has a chain-link fence, you may not need to replace it for additional privacy. Some homeowners find that adding a privacy screen or even attaching artificial greenery can provide an ideal solution.

2. Bushes and Greenery

A major bonus of installing your hot tub outside is being surrounded by nature. By adding a variety of trees, hedges, shrubbery, and other greenery, you can create a more private outdoor living space, while at the same time adding more elements of nature.

Tall hedges are especially helpful, as they can grow to be quite tall and thick, helping to block not only visually, but reducing sound travel as well.

3. Garden Trellis

For a wall or two of privacy, a garden trellis may provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for. Flexible and stylish, you can place a trellis where you need a little extra seclusion and then add greenery. Most find that vine plants work best, as it is in their nature to grow and climb along structures.

Between the wooden elements of the trellis and greenery itself, you may find that it offers just enough privacy for your hot tub.

As a bonus, some vine plants even produce flowers. So you can add a variety of greenery and color to your next soak!

4. Gazebo

Private and semi-permanent, a gazebo can provide your hot tub with four walls and a roof. There are many different gazebo styles to choose from. Some have a skylight to let the warm sun shine through or cascading moonlight to illuminate your after-dark soak.

Others have shutters that you can open and close, depending on if you would like to enjoy a nice breeze or add privacy to your evening of relaxation.

Gazebos are available with different designs, from wooden and rustic, to metal and modern, depending on what you would like from your backyard space.

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