How to Stay Fit This Winter with a Spa

lady in the hot tub while her husbands stands on outside

If you’re looking to add a fun, relaxing and entertaining feature to your home, an outdoor swim spa or a hot tub might just be for you! Not only are they fun and recreational, but they are flexible and practical, too. The various available sizes can help you accommodate physical routines and other exercises, which you can use to enhance your wellness and stay active. Check out this article and read on to learn more about how to stay fit during winter by using an in-ground swim spa or hot tub, the right way!

Exercising in aN OUTDOOR Swim Spa

You can easily use your swim spa to stay active during winter. The average swim spa is large enough for people looking to practice aqua gym, fitness or many other water-based activities, including water yoga. With such an opportunity to advance your health, it’s no wonder why outdoor swim spas are so popular!

One of the best things about exercising in a swim spa, is that many of the exercises that you could do are considered “low impact”. This means that you don’t need to be a seasoned athlete or a well-trained performer to benefit from swim spa exercises. Many physical exercises recommended for swim spas are very easy to perform and can be adapted to your own pace and physical requirements.

What sets swim spas apart from the rest is that many are designed to feature an open area with a high-powered jetting system. This jet creates a current that is strong enough for a user to swim, walk, or jog against, providing enough resistance for a well-rounded workout.

Exercising in a Hot Tub

Exercising in a hot tub features most of the same benefits that you would associated with exercising in a swim spa. The main difference is often a matter of size. As a general rule, hot tubs are generally smaller than your average swim spa, meaning that you won’t have as much room to practice certain fitness routines.

Just because there is less space, doesn’t mean that you get any less of a workout. There are many exercises that can be adapted for the hot tub, including lunges, squats, reverse crunches, jumping jacks, tricep dips, and more.

Hot tubs also provide a great setting to engage in water-based yoga. Keep reading to learn more about this modern and low-impact method of yoga.

Water-Based Yoga

Yoga is a very comprehensive physical activity, which embodies the benefits of stretching and fitness, along with strong spiritual and calming values. When practiced in the water, its value is even stronger.

The water within a hot tub or swim spa can help create a very comfortable environment, helping your muscles relax by lifting pressure and added weight. This can also help you advance your yoga technique, since many poses can be quite difficult to do on dry land if you are just starting out.

Importance of Safety and Hydration

It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you are looking to perform: whether you are using an outdoor swim spa or a hot tub, it is important to observe some safety measures.

For starters, you should always hydrate, especially while in the hot tub. Keep a plastic water bottle nearby and drink little sips throughout your workout. If you begin to feel light-headed, dizzy, or fatigued, take a break! There’s no shame in taking a few moments to relax, and continue your workout later on or another day. You should always speak with a physician before starting any exercise regimen to ensure that it’s right for you.

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